Yar's Revenge Reimagining Review

Author // Mike

Yars Revenge Atari 2011 Remake This week Atari released a complete retake on the classic Yar's Revenge game onto the Xbox Live Arcade platform. The original Yar's Revenge was a simple Atari 2600 game in which you controlled the titular Yar to fight the Qotile enemy, break up its defensive barrier, and unleash a Zorton cannon blast to annihilate it. It was entirely a 2D pixel shooter. Atari has reshaped Yar's Revenge into a modern arcade rails shooter, which is most definitely not a standard remake. It's very different from the original, but, in a lot of ways, that makes it better.


Final Fantasy VI Enroute to Playstation Network in Japan

Author // Mike

Final Fantasy VI Classic game re-release announcements abound lately it seems. With the recent announcement of a North American release of Final Fantasy V, the other half of the Final Fantasy Anthology, the move to make Final Fantasy VI available via the PlayStation Network download platform surprises absolutely no one. IGN reported the news as announced through the Japanese Square Enix Members twitter. The game will be up in Japan on April 20th, with a North American release yet to be officially announced.  It will be undoubtably on its way presently.

I am particularly excited to see the best SNES RPG ported again and finally to another console system. I may have also said that it was my favorite Final Fantasy at some point .  Final Fantasy VI was the first RPG I played and as such holds a special place in my heart. I am concerned, however, because the original PS1 port of the game was nearly unplayable due to massive wait time during loading of the battle and menu screens. In fact it frustrated me so much that I never finished playing through that version of the game.

If they fix the emulation issues from the original port, I will be very excited to experience the added FMV sequences with yet another replay of this beloved classic.


The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Officially Arriving June 19

Author // Mike

Nintendo has finally given a date to the 3DS remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  Until now having been listed as expected in "June 2011", the port of the beloved title will hit stores on June 19, 2011. While we don't generally like paying money for the same game over and over again, we make some exception for console to handheld ports, especially for a top shelf title such as this one.  Ocarina of Time was some premium quality Nintendo 64 gaming.  It also has the added novelty of 3D, improved graphics and some motion controls.  Mainly though, it's the first opportunity to purchase a copy of the game with the "Master Quest" version.  Previously you could only get your hands on the Master Quest if you had preordered The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for Gamecube or payed an exhorbitant amount for a used copy of the disc.


Why the Age of the SNES and Genesis Was the Greatest Era of Gaming

Author // Mike

Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis This is going to be a one of a series of articles by OSA staff defending our choices in the monthly poll. This month the the question was, what was your “favorite console gaming era?" As of my starting this article, the OSA staff has each voted for their favorite and come up with a different choice. Well the 4th Generation was the best damn era of gaming and I’m going to explain why. It was the era of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Genesis. The Turbo Graphx 16 was there too, even though few people seemed to know it. It saw the advent of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega’s much loved and abused mascot. It had Final Fantasy VI, which would be number one on my list of the Top 10 Final Fantasy Games, if I were to make such a list. I won't.(Note: It did rank #1 on Old School Apps's list of the Top 10 SNES RPGs, but ranking it against other SNES games doesn't exactly help my cause.) Many other great games were made during this era, but there were a number of shared factors that contributed to making the 4th generation the greatest time in the history of gaming.


April 2011 - What's New?

Author // Dan

Hopefully everyone has survived the Winter and is excited to see what Spring and Summer have in store for us this year.

So what's new?

  • Forums - We've added forums recently, head over and say hello!
  • New Informational Sections - This section of the site will be dedicated to historical data & specifications
  • New Flash Arcade - a Flash arcade dedicated to having authentic feeling, pseudo-retro classic games
  • New Theme (duh?) Layout 4.0 went live April 2nd, 2011.

What's to come? Keep reading to find out about the exciting new features coming to Old School Apps this year!