Oregon Trail, The

[ MECC 1992 ]

The Oregon Trail

Description: Adventure

Many of us are familiar with at least one verison of Oregon Trail. Some of us were lucky enough to enjoy this game when it was a simple adventure game based around choices and a whole lot of luck. This is my first time playing this game in years and it was quite an enjoyable experience, despite it being a short game. The replay value on this game is really high because of all the random encounters along the trail. Your starting profession and supplies will also hold a major impact on the gameplay experience.

Oregon Trail     Oregon Trail

This game is simple, you start off by picking a profession. Different professions have different functions, so choose wisely. Before you set off down the trail, you get to bring 4 companions (friends) along to suffer the journey with you. You also need to buy supplies for your adventure. I'd suggest buying a few of each thing for now, stock up on bullets and not so much on food (buy some starter food, but don't over do it). As you travel, you'll reach landmarks and rivers. You can trade or purchase goods at some landmarks (the Forts), and you have a chance of injury at each river when you go to cross it. Your party will require rest occassionally to prevent them from getting sick and dying. You should also be prepared to hunt on several occasions in order to have enough food to last the long trip West.

Oregon Trail     Oregon Trail

I love this game. It was great, it still is, and I'm sure it still will be in years to come. This is one of the "old school legendary games" which will live on forever.

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