Hunt the Wumpus

[ Texas Instrument 1980 ]

Hunt the Wumpus


This 1980s remake of a 1970s pure text adventure was available on Texas Instruments. You are in a Maze hunting the Wumpus. Do not let it sneak up on you. Every session is different, the game generates a map at the beginning of your session. Move room to room and follow hints given to you by the game to find the Wumpus. If you see a red circle, beware! The Wumpus is within 2 rooms of you. Green may be a friendly color in some games, in this game if you see a green dot, it means a deadly slime pit is nearby (don't fall in!!) When you think you've narrowed down where the Wumpus is, shot your arrow (Q key) in that direction. Killing the Wumpus will score you a point. You only get one shot, so use it wisely!

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