Horror, Giant Babies, and Meat

Author // Mike

This week I'm in Albany with the Old School Apps crew. We've been playing games (obviously) and checking out local game shops like Pastime Legends. Zombies Ate My Neighbors I picked up quite a few cool toys there, including a Nintendo 3DS, so expect some impressions on that in the next few weeks as well as lots of excitement for the imminent port of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.For my own collection, I got a complete in the box copy of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and a box and instructions for my copy of the original Dragon Warrior. It's Friday the 13th today, so we've made a theme of horror related games to play and movies to watch. Specifically we'll talk about my favorite multiplayer horror game, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, but we'll get to that later.

Before we get to that, you need to know that Chrono Trigger will be arriving on the Wii this Monday and, as a Virtual Console title, will be true to the original. Nintendo has a nice jump on this, as the PS3's "PS1 classics" version doesn't have a date yet, and neither does the PSN's return to service.  Speaking of games we love, Japan can look forward to a Wii compilation disc of the first three Dragon Quest games. There is no news of a North American version, but it seems likely given that the three games involved have already been localized. Or perhaps it is time to take those Japanese language lessons you always talked about and snag an import copy. 

On to the main event. We spent a lot of time this week playing Zombies Ate My Neighbors. An amalgamation of probably every B movie ever made, it is a marathon game with 48 tough stages. It includes password continues, but without picking up items from early levels, you really can't beat the bosses later in the game. Like that giant baby that stomps all over you. What a dick. army of darkness boomstick You also need to rescue your neighbors, and if you can't save even one in a level, the game ends in failure. Despite the difficulty, or perhaps because of it, I really love this game. I would like to see a remake with added slightly easier controls. Switching weapons is somewhat slow and it would be nice to always be able to use the watergun regardless of what special weapon you have selected. Trying to alternate between killing zombies and werewolves is simply a chore. Even so, I'm going to continue playing the original for quite some time. To go along with all the zombie killing, we watched Army of Darkness last night, a classic B-movie with the legendary Bruce Campbell. I read this morning that a tower defense game in its likeness was released for iPhone. They take issue with the overuse of the classic Bruce quotes. Personally, I have more problems with tower defense games for iPhone.

We experienced another kind of trauma trying to install Super Meat Boy from Steam on the PC. I've played through it on the Xbox 360, but I really want to try out the level creator which only exists on the PC. The first problem is that it doesn't support OSX, but that shouldn't have been too surprising. We tried installing a VM on my Macbook and running it from that, but had little success due to driver issues. We tried to then run it on a fully functional Windows machine, but still couldn't get it going without downloading an apparently missing DLL file and running it directly from the executable. It then crashed upon tabbing out, at which point we gave up and went on with our lives. If I can get it running sometime next week, I will give my thoughts on the level creator at that time.

Right now Dan and I are heading down to our hometown of Mahopac to visit with some family and make up for missing Mother's Day. It'll be another week away from my consoles, but I will manage somehow.

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