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I'm going to bottom line it for you today. There were a few stories this week that I think might be of interest to you. None of them have anything to do with the death of a certain someone or how it set Twitter on fire. Nor do you probably care about studios being created for movie adaptations. You want to know about games. Well, if you're itching to play some online games on your PS3, PlayStation Network should be back very soon. They previously claimed it would be end of week, and that's today. They're even going to offer PSN users free identity protection for a year, if you're concerned about the possibility of your personal info being used for evil. I guess that's nice of them?

Super Meat Boy If you're one of the few people who hasn't bought a Wii yet, now might be the time with Nintendo having dropped the price to $150. This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. It's about time with the Wii nearing 5 years of age. Asking only 50 dollars less than the launch price at this point could be considered extortion. Fans of high speed platforming death should note that Super Meat Boy is receiving a level editor on the PC. They should also avoid any fan-like objects lest they splatter all over the level. If I'm bored someday and finally finish all of the Super Meat Boy levels in the Dark World, I might pick up the PC version and try out some of the user generated content. If I really feel the need to have my spirit broken, I'll try to convince Dan to grab a copy and build some levels. I am certain that he'll be a meat murdering machine.

I won't be publishing a review today. I had a pretty good streak of weekly reviews going, but I already reviewed Moon Diver for PS3 a while back and I don't have much to say about Bangai-O HD. I played through the first few levels and wasn't overly compelled to continue. It's not that it was bad, it just wasn't spectacular either. I also had other things in need of my attention, like my giant stack of games. As promised I made Heavy Rain the priority of the last few weeks. I played through the entire story twice-ish. My only regret is not playing this game sooner. It's amazing. I'm taking some time to play through a few different ways to find different scenarios and, in particular, endings. There is very little I can say about this without spoilers, which I refuse to reveal even on a year old game. What I think I can say is that my intention for my current play-through is to be a villain.

I finally sat down for more Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions and muddled through the first level to reach the true gem of the game. "Noir really is the coolest Spider-man. I don't expect that the demo goes past a few sections of the first level, so if you missed it you should really take a second look. The brutal and efficient manner in which Noir Spider-Man dispatches his enemies is extremely satisfying. Having diligently watched every episode of the 90s television show, I also was excited to hear the voice which I consider the true Spider-Man again. Neil Patrick Harris is awesome too, but this is my childhood we're talking about.

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